The SOIREE | A piece of our history
Ute Scooter in role.

The SOIREE formed in response to a marked increase in the “glamourising through dramatising” present in many historical television dramas, historically based films and some historical re-enactment groups.

In recent years we have seen in the BBC’s ‘Robin Hood’ The Sherriff of Nottingham holding a poker competition 400 years before the game was even invented, we have seen a Henry VIII in ‘The Tudors’ looking more in need of a decent meal than a winch to get his 20 stone bulk on to a horse, and we have seen 20th Century Fox’s ‘Ice Age 3 (Dawn of the Dinosaurs)’.

The SOIREE believes that any attempt to entertain at the expense of historical accuracy is not only deplorable, but wholly unnecessary. We strive to re-enact events from the lives of famous figures which are both historically accurate and realistic.

In addition to the ‘celebrities’ of history, The SOIREE also aims to champion, through historical re-enactment, events from the lives of those “ordinary” people not normally written about in the history books: The General Public; as equally deserving of historical recognition as kings, queens and armies.

For a more in-depth and detailed account of our inception and initial work, please click HERE.

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