The Chariman
"  Members must remember that the rules are the rules. They are to be followed at all times"

The Chairperson

The Rules of the Society

1) No offensive weapons of any kind permitted at society meetings or re-enactment events unless with prior permission from The Chairperson.

          a) This excludes the whipping stick (see rule 7)

2) Society members are not permitted to form illicit relationships with members of other re-enactment societies without The Chairperson’s permission being asked first

3) All clothes worn at society events must be accurate to period portrayed – even down to your pants – monitored via spot checks from The Chairperson

4) Historical accuracy is God

5) God is vengeful

6) Vengeance is The Chairperson’s

7) Use of the whipping stick is forbidden - punishable by a whipping administered by You-Know-Who

8) No swearing

9) Have fun

10) Wins made on the society tombola must be authenticated by The Chairperson, punishable by death

11) All rules are open to alteration and change submitted through and with approval via the appropriate channels i.e. The Chairperson

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